Best iPhone apps this week

Our pick of App Store apps this week: from sneezing pigs to solving the US debt crisis

Gesundheit! £0.69

You had us at "supercharged snot power ups." In Gesundheit! you are a pig with allergies. Trying to ecape from monsters. Your only weapon? Sneezes. The hand drawn animation is refreshing and hay fever sufferers will love it.

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Garmin StreetPilot Onboard UK & Ireland £44.99

This new satnav iPhone app from Garmin features traffic data, speed camera locations and its downloadable maps even work without signal. Find out more in our News Nugget.

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iFives £0.69

Invite fellow five-a-side players to games without any mass emails with iFives. The app also lists other local football games in your area if you get fed up of your mediocre team-mates and pushes instant notifications when anyone dares to drop out.

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Debtonator £0.69

If you like your apps topical, Debtonator – the US debt-crisis themed iPhone game – has been released with impressive speed. Click on the I Owe Us cards to turn them into money bags and stop the For Sale sign from dropping down on the White House lawn. Do we believe the claim that 14% of profits are going to the US Treasury? No.

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4 Chord Songbook: Acoustic Hits £1.99

The more apps like 4 Chord Songbook come out, the more you realise the most popular artists of the last 50 years just got lucky stringing a few guitar chords together. Diagrams, photo and audio will teach you how to play over 25 classic pop-rock hits (and a Razorlight song).

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