Best iPhone apps this week

The new iPad ain't for everyone – but who needs a tablet when your iPhone will show you comics and find you drinks?

MatchPint £Free

A simple app that's quite taken our fancy, MatchPint will point you in the direction of pubs and bars showing sports matches on TV – and it's not just football. You can pick your favourite sports, teams or watering holes and use Facebook to get your mates involved. Awesome.

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Vertigo Comics £Free

Powered by ComiXology (the world's biggest online comic book archive), this DC Comics app lets you buy titles like Sandman, 100 Bullets, Preacher and Daytripper. Bringing the fight to Marvel's tricks and freebies, it shows off the writing and illustration of heavyweights like Neil Gaiman, Scott Snyder and Brian Azzarello.

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Topwrite 69p

If your day consists of sending rapid fire tweets and Facebook status updates to your minions and fans, this iPhone app will speed up your over-sharing no end.

You'll find yourself opening Topwrite up instead of bothering to first choose how you want to spew your thoughts at the world - or just one mate. Select from SMS, email and the social networks plus use the counter to keep an eye on your characters.

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Where the F*** Should I Go For Drinks? 69p

OK, it's another drinking app but come on, it's St Patrick's Day this week – we've got Guinness on the brain. Where the F*** Should I Go For Drinks? is a spin-off app from the website that recommends bars near you. Don't like the look of one? Try again. As developers coolography say, that's it.

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iA Writer 69p

Out-simplifying even Apple, iA Writer comes to iPhone from the iPad and Mac. It's a beautifully simple text editor with support for iCloud and Dropbox, a punctuation keyboard extension and… well, not much else. The perfect download for any distraction addicts out there.

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