Best iPhone apps this week

The iPad 3 might be days away but there's still fun to be had on your small iOS screen with these apps

Robot Gladi8tor £1.49

Forgive the alpha-numeric title and get ready for some Infinity Blade-inspired swipe-tastic action in a sci-fi setting with Robotic Gladi8tor. Ten levels take you through hangars, labs and labryinths – things just got exo-skeletal up in here.

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Gnzo £Free

This Instagram for video app shimmied onto the App Store this week with  warnings of data consumption and tons of potential. Share, tag and browse videos that you've "clipped" with Gnzo or just create cool walls of videos playing simultaneously.

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Snackr £Free

Snackr is a nice idea for your commute – the iPhone app will read out the first paragraphs of news stories from around the web to give you a personalised audio service in the mornings. It will also let you know the weather and any friends' birthdays that day. Nice.

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iAlbums £Free

The final version of iAlbums isn't out till June but you can download it for free now in the alpha version. Like the iPad app Aweditorium, the music player iAlbums pulls together all sorts of music related content, clips, lyrics and photos based on your iTunes library. 

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AirVinyl 69p

The younger brother of the iPad app, AirVinyl takes your digital library and gives it that wholesome, warm vinyl sound. With years of Air Studios experience behind them (that's where tons of movie scores were laid down), this app is onto something – espeically with its gorgeous record and cassette player interface.

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