Best iPhone apps this week

Download our pick of this week's iPhone apps or we'll set our giant pizza on you

Pizza Vs. Skeletons £Free/ £1.99

Easy tilt and tap controls together with beautiful, distinctive graphics and a bonkers Plants versus Zombies-style premise make Pizza Vs. Skeletons a worthy new iPhone game. Your mean-looking pizza takes on everything from skiing, bringing down ostriches and jetting up into space in 100 brilliantly silly levels.

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Barclays Pingit £Free

A banking app that's not a banking app, this will probably annoy Barclays customers. Pingit has one function – quick mobile transfers to and from Barclays account of any amount up to £300. The bank's promised that customers at all other UK banks will be able to send cash with the app from March. Hurry up Barclays, we want in.

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Beat Sneak Bandit £1.99

We can't remember an iPhone game making us smile so much in the opening few minutes as this one. Tap to the rhythm and dodge lights, guards and Duke Clockface to save the town from the clock-stealing fiend. An awesome soundtrack, funny storyline and simple controls make Beat Sneak Bandit an essential download. Well, as essential as a cartoon game can get.

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MTV Music Meter £Free

If you're hooked on Spotify's apps but miss them on your smartphone, try this music app from MTV that's just come out of beta. Music Meter lets you stream tracks via Rhapsody, buy via iTunes and get concert tickets with Songkick. There's also an up and coming section and over 1m searchable artists.

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Clear 69p

This might just be the to-do list maker for you – we've been searching for the perfect one for a while. There are three levels in this simple app - the main menu, your lists and the individual items. Red means priority, yellow not so important and you can easily swipe and pinch them into place.

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