Best iPhone apps this week

Dig around in your iWallet for enough pennies to buy these five essential new iPhone apps

Paper Monsters 69p

Choose from 'floating' Joystick or a regular touchscreen touchpad controls in this 2D platformer adventure set against a 3D paper and cardboard world. This is a very good-looking iOS game with 16 levels and four worlds to run around in.

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Voice Synth £2.99

Not everyone has guitars, keyboards and synths they can plug into their iPhone or iPad – but handily you can turn your raspy voice into an instrument with Voice Synth. Make yourself sound like pop stars, robots, movie voiceover men and even a lion – how did the devs know?

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My Army 69p

With simple tilt, tap and swipe controls, you can lead an army of your Facebook friends to battle in this game – which requires highly developed soldier recruiting and rescuing skills. Also some good old fashioned bomb and mine-dodging.

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Action Movie FX £Free

Even though it's a little old, Action Movie FX gets another mention as it's still free for now (with three FX packs and others available for a price). This genius app adds "Hollywood" style effects and sounds/music to your iPhone videos and has just been updated to include 'Demolition Rock' in the free version.

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Shoebox £Free 

We really hope our mums don't get hold of this one: Shoebox is an app that lets you quickly scan and flatten real-life snaps to then record, categorise and even add to your Facebook Timeline at the right date. Scary but useful if you want to digitise everything in your life.

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