Best iPhone apps this week

The other app stores are catching up – but here are five reasons that iOS is still ahead of the pack

Demolicious 69p

The crates are your enemy and the circus cannonball your garish friend in this 3D physics game, created by former developers for the Gears of War franchise. You get 60 levels plus mini-games – and it's half price if you get in there quick.

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Caverns of Minos £1.99

This homage to 8-bit cavern shoot'em-ups gets street cred from its developer Jeff Minter, a veteran video game designer. The aim is to rescue as many minotaurs as you can and Caverns of Minos even works with Ion Audio's retro iCade Jnr for iPhone.

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Art Jam Paintings £Free/ £4.99

Rearrange and generally ruin great works of art by van Gogh, Picasso and da Vinci with this free Art Jam app. It's aimed at kids but frankly, we don't care. The paid-for version gets you six interactive paintings rather than just two.

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JAZZ: Trump's Journey £1.99

Here's something we don't see everyday – an iPhone game based on the life of Louis Armstrong set against a very cool New Orleans backdrop and with missions like 'fight for the birth of jazz'.

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Time Analyzer £2.49

Wondering where all your time goes? We can tell you now it's probably iPhone games. Or maybe console games. This app will tell you for sure as it uses easy, colour coded charts and calendars to visualise your daily and weekly tasks and time-sappers.

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