Best iPhone apps this week

Skive off iTextbook class this week with our pick of the best iPhone apps

GroupShot 69p

Combine the best faces of various attempts at group photos with this clever photo app, GroupShot. Warning – the app does require at least one good headshot per person, 69p won't stretch to full-on Photoshopping.

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Hatchi 69p

It's a Tamagotchi. On your iPhone. Well actually, Hatchi is a virtual pet (we think there are copyright issues there). Still, retro and in our opinion, pretty damn essential.

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Coach's Eye £2.99

Record and review any sport from snowboarding to er, yoga to be your own coach, monitoring your performance and progress. Slow down the footage and share vids via email and Dropbox with team mates or your legions of sports groupies too.

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Urban Crime £Free

The typical gangland sandbox game gets a popular twist with Gameloft's Urban Crime – this time it's freemium with in-app purchases for new wheels, dollar and ice. Sorry about the gangster-speak, just getting in the mood.

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DJ Rig £Free

A great double-deck DJing interface with fast BPM detection, waveform display, scratching and an XSync (read: cheat) feature that automatically matches up the tempo of an MP3 with any other audio source. The free version limits you to six sound effects and one pad sound bank.

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