Best iPhone apps this week

You don't need billions of apps this year – try these newbies for starters

Jailhouse Jack 69p

You're the director of a jailbreak film in this cheap and cheerful iPhone app – so if you're not so hot on your first playthrough, you can turn back time and re-work your mistakes then watch as Jack executes your escape plan perfectly.

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7digital+ £Free

Finding its way to iOS from Android and even BlackBerry, 7digital's app lets you sync your iPhone up to a locker in the music service's cloud and listen offline without so much as opening up iTunes.

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Band Boss 69p

A time sapper if ever there was one, Band Boss is a football manager game that was thrown into the first ten rows of a rock gig and never came back. Create your own bands or choose from an existing selection before releasing singles and albums to try to reach the top of the charts – if you still believe in those.

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Grid Lens 69p

Divide one scene by grid lines or show a couple of images together in this iPhone photography app. We like it because it sets out to do one thing, and does it well. There are a few filters, too – and you can share to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

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Atomic Dodge Ball 69p

Your mission is simple – first aid is your friend and the atomic, toxic and biological er, balls are not. If you don't dodge the bouncing hazards, there's no Spiderman/ Dr.Manhattan style happy ending for you. This iPhone game was created by a 15 year old – which makes us feel a bit lazy.

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