Best iPhone apps this week

We've rummaged about in the App Store and re-emerged clutching these iPhone app treats

Wreck this app £2.99 (until August 16th)

This app lets you loose to doodle, deface and colour in all over text, photos and even your own face. Time to awaken your inner hoodlum and show your iPhone who’s boss.

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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint £Free

OK, it's billiards but with no pockets and more magnets. Clear the table by building clusters of connected balls to unlock 20 graded levels in this addictive little game that, like all good things, was invented in 1888 and locked in an attic till now.

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AirVox £1.99

We love unnecessary new ways to make music and the AirVox app is one of them. Wave your hands over your iPhone's front-facing camera to control the notes, pitch and volume of your tunes. AirVox is a diva though – only bright, natural light and a flat surface will do.

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Tekken Bowl £Free

No Tekken beat 'em up for iOS just yet but to tide us over is this bowling mini game. There's only three characters to choose from but the graphics look good and the puzzle stages are an added extra to the standard touchscreen bowling fare.

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Expense Magic £Free

This free app keeps track of your business expenses so you don't end up paying for that lunchtime champers. It syncs with your diary and can be set to send claims to your HR dept. If you're really busy you can pay to scan images of your receipts to be read and entered for you.

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