Best iPhone apps this week

Killer commute? You won't see these apps leaving you hanging at the station

Extraction: Project Outbreak 69p

A premium looking, top-down 3D shooter that's rocking a 69p price at the moment, Extraction: Project Outbreak features one-finger controls, ten weapons to choose from and a worthy mission: exterminate infected soldiers with rescue and escort modes.

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TripAdvisor City Guides £Free

OK so TripAdvisor's kicking off with just 20 cities around the world, most in the USA, but you can't argue with a free app that lets you access user reviews (probably scathing) and nearby attractions offline, saving you tons in data roaming charges.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition £4.99

This scaled down version of Minecraft lets you create and build shelters without the whole pesky night time Creeper problem. It's no substitute for the full game but you can play with friends on your network and save multi-player worlds to your iPhone.

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Covert Browser £1.99

While everyone else is bothered about when they're getting 4G, some of us just want to keep our privacy. And if anonymity is more important to you than super-fast speeds, download Covert Browser which will automatically switch your IP address every few minutes and route your connection over 3 servers. Take that, internet giants.

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Etsy £Free

Don't let the furniture and Roald Dahl-inspired print fool you, Etsy isn't all about crafts. If you like the sound of a clock made from an old Apple computer or one of a kind, handmade gadget cases, try the buying and selling site's new app – but be prepared for international delivery fees. Good for Christmas gifts.

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