Best iPhone apps this week

App Store treats for movie, music and art fiends – who like shooting down asteroids on the weekend

Sky Movies £Free

Sky Go may have won App of the Year at the Stuff Gadgets Awards 2011 but Sky isn't resting on its laurels, releasing this companion app for movie lovers. Sky Movies lets you save details of films you want to watch in future and record them from your iPhone. Plus there's reviews, trailers and bios too.

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Astro Bang 69p

We like an app that does what it says on the tin. Take down asteroids and alien enemies on six different planets in this bargain dual-stick space shooter.

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Poker Pals 69p

Diehard poker fans, look away now. The dark, smoky room has been left behind and your beloved game has been reimagined for the Words with Friends brigade – we're taking mixing up hands, huge combos and juggling games with your mates.

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GarageBand £2.99

Finally available on iPhone, and iPod Touch, GarageBand lets you use multi-touch gestures to create a jamming session on drums, piano, organ, guitar and bass. You can plug in mics and guitars and mix up to eight tracks – your recording studio just got downsized again.

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Artfinder for iPhone £Free

Yes, galleries pretty much always have blurbs next to any pieces of art but that's about as far as it goes. This app from online art catalogue Artfinder acts as a gallery finder, recognition tool and bookmarker all rolled into one – and it's free.

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