Best iPhone apps this week

The App Store didn't get the memo that it's Android week – here are some new recruits

KORG iKaossilator £6.99

The latest i-app from synth specialists KORG, this takes the palm-sized Kaossilator and transports its X-Y pad interface to the iPhone screen. Stroke, tap or rub the screen to create sounds with visual effects moving in time. There are 150 built-in dance music sounds and you can control up to five loops in real time.

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Warm Gun £2.99

A post-apocalyptic western set in World War III, this FPS lets you slip into the shoes of The Preacher, The 49er, The Shaman or The Blacksmith before you gunsling your way across the 'Divided States of America'. TNT barrels, falling cars and land mines provide unexpected fun.

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Life of George £Free

This is what gadgets were made for – an augmented reality LEGO building app. Buy the Life of George LEGO box, choose an in-app challenge and then get building. Once you've snapped your best efforts, get them rated in the Life of George competition.

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Scribblenauts Remix £2.99

Fans of the Nintendo DS game will be excited that Scribblenauts has made the jump to iOS and there are even 10 new iOS levels to play through. Your job? Help Maxwell find the Starite by creating objects that solve the challenges you encounter – anything from flying cars to robot hippos. Imagination required.

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Slide To Buy £1.49

A simple idea but a good one, this app only works with iOS 5 as it turns your iPhone's lock screen into your groceries list. Open up the app, enter the food you're dying for and then lock the phone. The items will then appear on your lock screen – just slide to check off your pizza and ready meal (we mean, er, rocket and brie).

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