Best iPhone apps this week

Don't saunter out of the App Store without downloading these first

Another World £2.99

The Commodore Amiga side-scrolling classic just got a 20th anniversary release on iOS and fans of the cult game will love it. Switch between original and HD graphics as you travel through an alien world, post nuclear explosion. Did we mention you get to play at being an athletic physicist to boot?

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OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse £1.99

Making time lapse videos is a world we could easily get sucked into and this app makes your iPhone do all the grunt work. Set the Osnap! timer to capture photos from every 0.25s to every 48 hours – tip, don't do the latter. And there's tons of other features like adding music from iTunes, sharing to Facebook and adjusting playback speeds.

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Gowalla (update) £Free

The overhaul of this social/travel app has been controversial amongst Gowalla users – but fresh features like social guides to 60 cities and park guides from Disney and National Geographic might win over a new Gowalla crowd.

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Watchbook £2.49

Watchbook will no doubt kick off a new wave of worries about the internet messing with our brain but we like that it has laziness at its heart. The app's library of books are transformed into one scrolling sentence which moves across the screen – plus you can change the background, text size and speed to your liking.

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Hector: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom £2.99

Detective Inspector Hector is fat, corrupt and violent in the third episode of this foul-mouthed game, set in Clappers Wreake, i.e Middle England. We reckon it'd be worth the download price for the dialogue alone – "Once again, a space I am thankfully too fat to fit through."

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