Best iPhone apps this week

We've trawled the App Store to bring you the very best iPhone apps this week

Google Plus £free

Android users lost their exclusivity this week when social network flavour of the month Google Plus finally got the all clear from Apple and landed in the App Store. With almost 20 million users under its belt, it's no surprise the app has already climbed the charts to become one of the top free iPhone apps. And no surprise it was also in our list of the best Android apps this week too.

Stickman BMX 69p

Breathing fresh life into a classic game, the sequel to Stickman Skater sees Stickson make a bold return to test his BMX skills while up against a variety of terrain, including forests, oil refineries, all the way down to fiery hell. Your only aim? To survive, avoiding obstacles and inhabitants, while pulling off tricks. Sounds simple enough, right? Pah. Expect the game to get progressively harder as you make your way through the 60 levels.


Songify £free

From the creators of the Double Rainbow YouTube phenomenon comes an app that transforms speech into autotuned musical marvels. With 12 different songs to choose from and a Shazam-esque interface, recording your masterpiece is simple. So if you want to be an international pop star but possess no discernible musical talent, your international bid for stardom starts here. It's only free for a limited time, though.

FiLMiC Pro £1.99

The iPhone 4's camera doesn't do too badly on the video front, but with everything on auto there's little room for control. FiLMiC Pro let's you fine tune those settings for better results. That means control over focus and exposure – which can be locked so they don't change when you start waving your iPhone about – as well as having selectable frame rates, a white balance lock, colour bars and a slate with shot details. Upload options include all the favourites like youTube and Facebook, but with Dropbox and FTP server, pulling video from your phone is hassle free.

Halftone 69p

There are a lot of camera apps out there that promise to slap a bucket load of funky effects onto your snaps. But one that promises to inject a bit of excitement into your boring snaps by transforming them into a comic book panel sounds like a winner. Simply open a photo, change the text, the paper and effect you want the photo to take on. The best part, though, is adding the Batman and Robin-style kablams and pows, of which there are a massive selection for you to whack onto your photos. Then save, share or print your very own comic book. Boom!


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