Best iPhone apps this week

The finest bits of appery to enter the App Store this week

QuBit 69p

You're a battered mining robot, ramming into glowing alien crystals in a dark racetrack landscape at high speed to get points. Fun visuals and a pumping electro soundtrack.

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Channel Four News £Free

John Snow wants us to take him with us wherever we go – and who could resist an offer like that? Channel Four is launching a free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to let news junkies catch up on the last seven day’s news via video, blogs, reports and picture galleries. Expect lots of purple..

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Molenotes £0.69

Begone native Notes app with nasty comic sans font. Make your to-do list on a virtual Moleskine notepad in handwritten cursive or classy typewriter ink.

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W Hotels Worldwide £Free

‘I need’ – this might just be the best name for an in-app feature we’ve ever heard. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in a room at the trendy W hotel chain, tap this button in the free app to demand for the finest Champagne, snacks or towels to be brought straight to your room. You can also book rooms, check local weather and get exclusive music content. Pass the champers...

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Summify £Free

Remember the days when we used to be productive? Before we had endless tweets, Facebook updates and news stories flying at us from every device? Summify’s free app will ping you with summaries of the most relevant stories from Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter (with other sites to come). If you want to share something, you can broadcast your find on all your networks at once. Sifting made simple.

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