Best iPad apps this week

We haven't forgotten about you iPad owners – here's our pick of the best new apps for your Apple tab

Whale Trail 69p

A trippy Tiny Wings-style side scroller with a soundtrack by Gruff Rhys  – what's not to like? It's iPhone game of the week on iTunes but you'll appreciate flying through the psychadelic rainbows and clouds more on your iPad's big screen.

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Time Populist £Free

An iPad app after our own heart, Time magazine has collected some of its best and worst lists for films, books, music, video games and TV shows in a gorgeous, visual grid format. Time has included Editors' Picks and will update the app with new lists every week. You can also create your own edits and wishlists.

Get it £Free is your new iPad video channel, helpfully curated by your Facebook friends and everyone you follow on Twitter and Tumblr. The app pulls in all their tweets and shares into a simple, slick interface, letting you save and share the video content yourself.

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RoboFonics £1.49

Got rhythm? If you're shaking your head out of time to my question, get out – everyone else should love this assembly line game populated by cute Wall-E style 'bots. It features 80 levels in which your weapons against the big boss MasterBotrix are nothing more violent than rhythm and melody.

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Bike Baron 69p

This bike game will remind you of trial modes on Xbox and PS3 console games. It's racking up 5 star ratings for its choice of 40 tracks – fly over TNT and smash through bars – not to mention the 100 challenges and impressive graphics.

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