Best iPad apps this week

Treat your Apple slate to some new apps this week – and start with one of these fine examples


Apocalypse Max: Better Dead Than Undead

£1.99 iTunes

A unashamedly retro side-scrolling platform shoot ‘em up features those pop culture stalwarts zombies, which the protagonist Max can off in various ways (there are 18 weapons, in face, and 16 types of zombie). Dumb, loud and fun.

£3.99 iTunes

Music legend Brian Eno’s followup to Bloom, Scape is an album that gives the user the ability to play around with all its musical elements, reconstructing them as you see fit to see how they react with each other. A piece of interactive art more than anything, and a must for any music geek.


Free iTunes

The domestic goddess is back with this app centred around Italian food. And who doesn’t love both Nigella and Italian food? Aside from some “making of” bumf about her new book, there are nine recipes and a list of recommended ingredients and implements. Great... now we’re hungry.

£1.99 iTunes

Rovio’s first true sequel to Angry Birds, and it’s a bit of a stonker to be quite honest. Perhaps not as immediately addictive as its predecessor, Bad Piggies features a similar focus on physics but ties it in with construction rather than destruction: you build contraptions to carry your pigs to the the end of each level. Also available on iPhone for a mere 69p.


£1.49 iTunes

If you’re currently playing the official Premier League fantasy football game, you’re probably wondering why the hell there’s no app for it. Well, there is now, and it’ll let you change your formation, pick your team, make transfers and all the rest of it. You have to pay for it, which seems a bit cheeky – but then you can always use your mobile web to do all the same stuff, so basically look at it as £1.50 for a more user-friendly experience.

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