Best home gadgets for Christmas 2012

These tech gifts are perfect for refreshing a residence with some gadget goodness

Philips Wake-up Light


Give the gift of stress-free mornings this Christmas with this alarm light – for anyone who's sick of waking up to the shrieks of their alarm clock? This light eases you gently out of Morpheus' embrace, simulating the break of dawn in your bedroom. iPhone users can use their Apple gadget to set up 10 alarms and track sleep routines – for those who aren't Apple fans, there's an iPhone-free version available for £100.

Dyson DC47


Dyson's twin cyclone cylinder vacuum cleaner features the company's Ball technology, letting it wend its way around even the toughest obstacles with ease. And its dual channel floor tool will make short work of ground-in dust in your carpets, you filthy animal you.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control


Know a Doctor Who fan? Sonic up their life with this motion-controlled replica of the Time Lord's space-age gadget. It recognises 13 different gestures, controlling up to three devices with IR receivers – including TVs and iPhone docks. And once the novelty's worn off, the FX mode features an array of authentically 70s-vintage bleeps, bloops and whirrs sourced from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Roku LT


This little box of tricks is perfect for adding media streaming smarts to a TV in a simple, no-frills package. £50 nets you access to 150 streaming channels including Netflix, Crackle and the BBC iPlayer – or there's the Roku XS for £100, which adds Ethernet connectivity and a motion-controlled version of Angry Birds.

iRobot Roomba 790


iRobot's latest Roomba robot vacuum offers freedom from domestic drudgery – as well as the usual features like HEPA filters, room-to-room navigation and spot cleaning, it comes with a wireless controller to let you command your mechanical servant from afar. Two virtual wall lighthouses keep your robot slave confined to a specific room until it's spotless – just bear in mind that your Roomba will remember your treatment of it, and you will suffer come the robot uprising.

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