Best gaming gadgets for Christmas 2012

From consoles to keyboards, and headsets to... coffee tables? Here's the gaming gear that Santa should be putting under the tree this Christmas

Nintendo Wii U


The premium version of Nintendo's latest console comes with 32GB of storage and a charging stand for its tablet controller – which adds an innovative second screen to supplement your gaming experience. The tablet controller's screen can be used to play games while the TV's tuned to another channel – leaving Nan free to watch the EastEnders Christmas episode in peace while the gamers of the household rack up their high scores.

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Sennheiser U320 Universal gaming headset


These gaming cans provide spacious detailed sound and a bass-boost mode for ear-watering explosions, in addition to a noise cancelling mic for barking out clear orders to hapless teammates. The U320s also have a tone switch to help the user monitor the volume of their own voice – a godsend for anyone in earshot, no doubt. With Xbox 360, PS3 and PC/Mac compatibility, it's a veritable auditory Swiss Army Knife.

Arcane arcade table


Four grand for a table is a little pricey, we admit – but this is no ordinary chunk of living room furniture. Sliding out of the belly of this seemingly ordinary coffee table is a two-player arcade control station, which will control over 100 gaming classics from Bubble Bobble to Dungeon Crawl on a built in flatscreen. It's all powered by a 500GB-toting dual-core PC, with two 30W speakers bringing the noise. We can smell the nostalgia from here.

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro


This game capture doohickey lets truly l337 gamers share their finest moments for all the world to see. Sitting betwixt console and telly, it records gameplay in full HD before allowing you to tweak it and upload it to the interwebs with the included software. Time to start showing off those sweet, sweet headshots, kill streaks and… crying like a girl after a surprise shark attack in Far Cry 3.

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Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


The G710+ is Logitech's first foray into the deliciously satisfying world of mechanical keys, giving gamers the gift of super-quick response times and fewer frustrated screams. Throw in some whisper quiet operation as well as adjustable backlighting, custom keys and macro functionality, and it'll turn any n00b gamer into a mighty H3ad5H0t69er.

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