Best ereaders for Christmas 2012

Curl up beside the fire with a good book or hundred – pick up an ereader for Christmas. It's better than slumping down in front of The Great Escape. Again

Kobo Mini


This dinky ereader is a perfect stocking – and pocket – filler. It's easy on the wallet too – and despite its bargain-basement price, the Kobo Mini doesn't skimp on features. That compact frame – weighing in at a featherweight 134g  – crams in a 5in touchscreen, 2GB of storage and one month's battery life. And if you want to revlive the experience of owning a mobile phone in the 90s, you can even snap off and replace the back cover with a choice of colourful options.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

£110 (Wi-Fi only), £170 (Wi-Fi + 3G),

The flagship of Amazon's ereader range, the Kindle Paperwhite packs a new high-resolution 212ppi touchscreen with built-in illumination along with 2GB of storage and an impressive 8 weeks' battery life.

Amazon's ladled on the new features with a trowel – you can now pick from a selection of fonts, while the X-Ray feature flags up themes in the text, along with mentions of characters and historical figures, places and topics.

It's not all good news – Amazon's ditched audiobook and text-to-speech support, and the Kindle Lending Library is only open to Amazon Prime subscribers. But for book readers, the Kindle Paperwhite is hard to beat.

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Kobo Glo


Kobo's Kindle Paperwhite rival features a similar illuminated touchscreen, together with EPUB support and 2GB of memory – with the option to add a 32GB microSD card if you want to cart the entire Library of Alexandria around with you. There's also a handy Type Genius feature that lets you fine-tune your fonts.

The Glo's lighter than the Paperwhite, too, weighing in at 185g versus the Kindle's comparitively hefty 213g. And while the Kobo store may not be quite as extensive as Amazon's offering, it's still has a respectible selection on offer.

Amazon Kindle 2012


Amazon may be pushing its Kindle Fire HD as the prezzie to get this holiday season, but don't forget the Kindle ereader. The mainstay of the Kindle range weighs in at a pocket-friendly 170g, packs a respectable 167ppi screen and 2GB storage, and promises one month of battery life with Wi-Fi off. Plus you get access to Amazon's huge range of ebooks. The Wi-Fi only connectivity can be a bit of a pain, though.

Sony PRS-T2


Sony's touchscreen ereader is pricey – more expensive than the Wi-Fi only Kindle Paperwhite, and it doesn't have the built-in illumination found on the Paperwhite and the Kobo Glo.

The PRS-T2 offers the same EPUB support and up to 32GB microSD storage as the Kobo Glo, though – and it has a killer app in the form of support for library lending through the OverDrive system. As an added bonus, Sony's throwing in a digital copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with the PRS-T2 for a limited time.

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