Best Cyber Monday 2018 smartwatch and fitness tracker deals

UPDATE: Some unmissable Cyber Monday deals meaning it's high time you joined the wearable revolution

I'll tell you a secret. I used to roll my eyes at anyone wearing a smartwatch or fitness tracker. I didn't need a hoity-toity wristband telling me what to do.

Of course, that was before I joined the club, and since grabbing an Apple Watch I've never looked back. The genius of wearables is how seamlessly they slot into your routine, nudging you to keep fit, helping you keep better tabs on your health, and subtly convincing you to spend less time gawping at your phone. For such small devices, they can have a surprisingly big impact. 

What do you think, then? Reckon you're finally ready to dive headfirst into the world of wearables?  If so, be sure to get ahead of the game by checking out these stonking Cyber Monday deals. 

Apple Watch 3 (Save £60)

It might not quite be the latest model Apple has rolled out, but the Apple Watch Series 3 is still a cracking smartwatch if you're after a device that'll make all your mates jealous. Part activity tracker, part productivity powerhouse, and part everything else you could possibly dream up, Apple is the King of smartwatches for a reason, and thanks to Cyber Monday, there's never been a better time to find out why.

Was £279 | Now £219 (-22%)

Buy from John Lewis

Fitbit Charge 2 (Save £30)

Anyone looking to step into the world of dedicated fitness trackers could do a lot worse than the Fitbit Charge 2. While it might not quite fit the needs of hardcore fitness fanatics, it's a smashing all-round tracker for anyone who isn't gunning to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Was £120 | Now £79.99 (-25%)

Buy from John Lewis

Withings Nokia Steel HR (Save £51)

Hybrid smartwatches like the Nokia Steel HR are for people who don’t want another doodah they have to charge everyday, or a smartwatch that makes them look like a card-carrying nerd. Hey, we get it! Fortunately, the Steel HR looks like a normal watch and lasts for weeks, but also flings out notifications and has a heart rate sensor. It’s not perfect, but many of you will be charmed by its minimalist style and stripped-back functionality.

Was £169.95 | Now £118.97 (-30%)

Buy from Withings

Huawei Band 2 Pro (Save £44)

Despite what Apple might've led you to believe, there's no need to drop an obscene amount of cash on a high-tech wearable. Take the Huawei Band 2 Pro, for example. Here's an uber-affordable fitness tracker that somehow manages to cram GPS, heart rate tracking, swim-readiness and notifications into a band for well under £100. For that price, the Band 2 Pro really is unbeatable in terms of functionality, and now you can pick it up for less than half of that already eye-popping £79.99 RRP. Talk about Cyber Monday madness.

Was £79.99 | Now £35.99 (-55%)

Buy from Amazon

Garmin Fenix 5 (Save £101)

The Garmin Fenix 5 is a smartwatch designed for those people with an almost inhuman dedication to keeping fit. We're talking those gods among us who see every waking second as another opportunity to burn calories, break records, and climb metaphorical (and maybe even literal) mountains. Indeed, The Fenix 5 is the undeniable champion of multi-sport trackers. Not least because it can track almost every discipline that’s out there. Sure, it's a mite pricey, and for most people it’s also probably overkill. But for those of you who live and breath the burn, this is a five-star product that's well worth your attention.

Was 449.99 | Now 349.00 (-22%)

Buy from Currys

Fitbit Versa (save £41)

Fitness bands can be ever so dreary, the Versa is a fitness tracker that's a touch more exciting and offers more ways to customise it with loads of lovely straps keeping blandness at bay.

Not just a pretty face, it's got built-in music, a handful of apps and notifications, plus a nod-head worthy 4-days battery life.

If you're after a casual fitness tracker, and aren't too fussed about lack of built-in GPS - then click right through.

Was: £199 I Now: £159

Buy the FitBit Versa from amazon here

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