The best apps of CES 2013

It's not all hardware at CES – there are plenty of new apps to get stuck into as well

Unless you’ve been hiding behind a large tech-reflecting rock for the past week, you’ll know that CES 2013 – the world’s largest consumer electronics show – has been happening over in Las Vegas. And while there have been plenty of gadgets to whet our appetite for the next 12 months, there has also been a fair number of apps announced too. From the fun to the seriously helpful, we’ve rounded up the best apps of CES 2013.

Liquid MyConnect Studio

None other than LL Cool J made an appearance at CES 2013 to introduce an app he developed with his company, Boomdizzle. Made for Windows 8 devices, the Liquid MyConnect Studio App allows artists to collaboratively record, edit and produce music in real time – no matter where in the world they are.

Guardian on the Go

Company Proteg-Go’s app aims to alert pre-configured friends, family or the emergency services if you are in danger, sending a GPS location and a brief description of the emergency at hand via text message when the user presses a button. It can even push an update out to Facebook and Twitter if you want to make sure your cry for help is heard.  It’ll launch in the US to begin with, but the company hopes to expand the app to other countries soon, with iOS coming first and Android following soon.

Tbpt Tracker

If you’ve ever had a pet that has a tendency to go walkabouts, the tbpt Tracker should help. Hook the Tracker onto your pet’s collar, download the Android app and you’ll have real-time tracking so you can see exactly where they are. Even more, you can store journeys so you can look back historically and have a geo-fence alarm, which will alert you when your pet passes a pre-determined geo fence. Clever stuff.


Winning a coveted CES Hot Stuff Award this year, Mindmeld is definitely one of the coolest apps to come out of CES 2013. Due to launch in a few weeks, the iOS and Android app is an all-seeing voice and video calling app. As you talk, Mindmeld uses Nuance voice-recognition tech to pick out words and phrases from your conversation, and create a ticker down the left-hand side of your iPad with relevant information pulled from the web – including pictures, links and text. Whether this is pulling up restaurant recommendations in your area or film synopses from IMDb, we can’t wait to see this app hit the respective app stores.


The only thing that goes missing almost as much as your pets is your luggage. And while we love nothing more than hanging on the phone to an airline in an attempt to get it back, it’s nice to be one step ahead and know exactly where it is, should it go astray. With the Trakdot, you place the sensor into your luggage and use the app on your phone to track exactly where it is. And if everything goes to plan and your luggage does arrive where you do, you’ll get a peace-of-mind text message or email to let you know there’ll be no nasty surprises when you make your way to luggage collection.

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