Best Android apps this week

Indulge yourself as we serve up a platter of this week's tastiest Android-flavoured apps

Muffin Knight £1.89

If the delectable name isn’t enough to entice you to bite then perhaps the ability to fertilise forests with unicorns and flood the world with candy in an attempt to retrieve magical muffins will. Optimised for Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play, stunning graphics coupled with delicious muffins sounds like a winner to us.

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Pocket League Story £2.99

The maker of Game Dev Story looks set to have another hit on its hands in a game in which you train your handpicked footy team and transform them from duds to champions, signing sponsors, building stadiums and selling merchandise along the way.

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Cows vs Aliens Free

Cows have been abducted and probed by extraterrestrial beings for too long now. It’s time to make a stand in this addictive game which sees you herding the hapless black and white creatures away from UFO tractor beams and in to safety.

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Third Blade Free

Monsters are ugly to look at and fun to kill so why not deal with them appropriately by hacking and slashing your way through hordes of them with three different types of blades and a host of skill upgrades?

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Sprinkle 92p

Taking advantage of Tegra-powered Android devices, Sprinkle puts you in control of a water cannon with which fires are fought by moving blocks, spinning cogs and depressing traps. The perfect way to get our lazy brains of some much needed exercise.

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