Best Android apps this week

Another week, another tasty selection of new Android treats in app form

Viz Profanisaurus £1.49

Viz's dictionary of 12,000 "definitions" is the perfect app companion if you like to put on a posh voice and engage in verbal shenanigans and double entendres. Anything that describes Adrian Chiles as a "cushion-faced former presenter" is fine in our book. Ruder things abound.

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Life is Crime £Free

A mobile RPG in which virtual crimes take place in real places, Life is Crime is London-as-Gotham-city cool. Build reputations and don't forget to keep your turf out of the hands of other players, gangsta .

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Onavo Lite – Data Cost Control £Free

Onavo's been on the Apple App Store for a while but now Android users can now join in on the data saving action. There's no data crunching on this lite version but it will tell you how much of your data plan you've scoffed each month and which apps are sapping the most pennies.

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ShowMe London £Free

One for holiday planaholics, the ShowMe London app lets you build personal itineraries for your time in the big city. Browse attractions, see what else is nearby and add resturants, pubs or stadium visits to each day. Wikipedia entries provide (mostly) accurate potted histories and extra info.

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AR. FreeFlight £Free

If you're lucky enough to own an AR.Drone quadricopter, can we come round for a spin? Before we get there, download this free Android app to control your AR.Drone from up to 50 meters away and view live footage from the 'copter's two cameras with augmented reality games hopefully in the pipeline.

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