Best Android apps this week

Android phone feeling a little down in the grey, wet gloom? Cheer it up with a selection of hand-picked apps

Real Boxing

£2.99 Google Play

Packing a serious punch in the graphics department, Real Boxing is a game currently made for Tegra 3-packing devices only. The game sees you fighting your way to victory over 30 fights and three belt titles against more than 20 opponents. Minigames throughout will help you boost your energy for your next fight, and of course there are stacks of customisations you can make to your boxer, from hairstyle to tattoos.

The Great Brain Experiment

£Free Google Play

Brain training games were all the rage a few years ago, but this app is actually part of some unique scientific research by neuroscientists at University College London. Each time you play, you’ll be contributing data to their experiment, which is delving into memory, impulsivity and how we take risks – research they say could only previously be conducted on small numbers of people in the lab.

Spacecraft 3D

£Free Google Play

The space bods at NASA have created an augmented reality app to help us get a closer look at the vast range of spacecraft used to observe and explore our universe. Simply print out an AR target and point your device’s camera towards it to have it come to life. For each spacecraft, you’ll get a 3D viewpoint, be able to see them move and learn all about how they were made. There’s a fair few on there at the moment, but NASA says more will be added over time as well.

Running Trax

£Free (plus subscription) Google Play

Sorting your running playlist so you don’t have to, Running Trax from Ministry of Sound provides a chart of 40 dance hits updated every week, plus seven ‘Boost Tracks’ that aim to get you back on track when you’re tempted to throw in the towel. Downloaded over wi-fi and stored on your device (no streaming required), the app offers a free trial for you to give it a go, and thereafter you’ll be charged £1 a week for the update.

Catcha Catcha Alien

£Free Google Play

Not sick of endless runners just yet? Already a hit on iOS, Catcha Catcha Alien sees you playing as an interplanetary ‘Catcha’, attempting to rid a series of planets from alien invaders over 45 levels. There’s a bit more to this game than others in this genre, with different missions to complete as you dodge all manner of obstacles in your environment. It features the voice talents of Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry too, the former having a stake in the game developer’s parent company.

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