Best Android apps this week

Pixelated kingdoms, Wild West zombie-killing and name-your-price gaming bundles make our pick of the best Android apps this week


£Free Google Play

Already a success on iOS, Vyclone is a collaborative video-sharing app that pulls together up to four videos taken at the same place at the same time to create one single multi-angle video. Vyclone will edit it all together for you automatically, but you can also able to customise it afterwards to your liking.

Pixel Kingdom

£Free Google Play

Fresh from Kickstarter, Pixel Kingdom is a cutesy pixel-tastic RPG/defense game that sees you commanding your army of warriors, archers, wizards and knights (to name a few) to fight enemies and defend attacks towards your kingdom. Each character has a special attack for you to take advantage of, and there's an infinite number of levels – so you’ll get plenty of replay value out of it.

Humble Bundle with Android 5

£Whatever you like!

The Humble Bundle for Android is back for its fifth outing, packing together a brace of great games and letting you decide how much you want to pay for it. This bundle includes NightSkyHD, Solar 2, Dynamite Jack (pictured), and Beat Hazard Ultra – and if you pay over the current average for the package (around $6.65 at the time of writing), you’ll get Dungeon Defenders and Super Hexagon too. Even better, a portion of your donation goes to charity – and you get to choose how much of it when you pay.


£1.99 Google Play

Set in the Wild West, Bladeslinger puts you in the cowboy boots of William Glaston – an out-and-out bad ass who has returned to his hometown of Hammer’s Peak to find it overrun with nasty looking creatures. You set out on a mission to kill them all, single-handedly of course, with a range of powerful weapons and devastating combos to hand. It’s currently optimised for Tegra 3 devices due to its top-tier graphics, so be sure to check your device is compatible before you download.

Boardtastic Skateboarding 2

£Free Google Play

Master the halfpipe and practice your touch-controlled flips, kicks and tricks in numerous skate park environments around the world. There are 15 different skate decks to earn and customise as you move up the ranks, and you can even test out your virtual skills against players from across the world thanks to a newly added global multiplayer mode.

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