Best Android apps of the week

Got an app-shaped void in your life? Try some of these on for size…

Shoot The Birds £0.69

No matter how angry a bird may be, a well-aimed crossbow shot will settle a dispute every single time. For those of us who’ve suffered embarrassment at the hands of unfortunate avian excretions – it’s payback time. Bonus points for a multi-skewered kebab shot? Nice.

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Koi Free Live Wallpaper £free

This interactive live wallpaper consists of a realistic looking Koi pond, complete with serenely floating fish. Carve beautiful ripples in the water with your fingers and let the day’s stress melt away – until your boss rings you about those accounts, that is.

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Tetris £2.11

Enter the realm of chunky Game Boy nostalgia with this official version of the legendary Tetris. The coloured blocks and remixed theme song may be an unwelcome addition for purists, but we’re sure  all cares will be forgotten once those blocks start cascading on down.

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TubeMate: YouTube Downloader £free

This handy little app allows you to download multiple YouTube videos on to your device for long bouts of cat-viewing action. A bonus feature is the ability to convert and save video soundtracks to mp3.

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Bestival 2011 £2.99

This Isle of Wight-hosted music festival kicks off next week and we can think of no better way to prepare than by downloading this useful app which features live stage times, maps, vouchers and Twitter feeds. Don’t forget to pack a tent.

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