Best Android apps this week

Take a trip down memory lane with this week's collection of nostalgia-tinged Android apps

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.

£Free Google Play

If you're a child of the 90s, you’ll be overcome with nostalgia for this app. The virtual pets that were the talk of the playground are marking their 16th birthday by launching on Android. Sporting the same pixelated design of the original Tamagotchis – but now in full colour, all the original creatures are present. There are also some newcomers, unlocked when you raise enough Tamagotchis.


£Free Google Play

Remember when Inq made phones? It’s now turned its attentions to the software side of things and released Material,  a ‘content discovery service’ that works out the things you like and delivers you a tailored feed of news, articles and blogs based on your interests. How? By taking a look at your Facebook and Twitter feeds and taking in what you’re reading and discussing. It’ll also remember topics you look at most often and prioritise those in your feed – all wrapped up in a rather lovely design.

Alien Breed

£2.99 Google Play

The pixel-tastic top-down shooter from 1991 based heavily – and unofficially – on the Aliens movie has been remade for Android, with all the original levels included alongside four new ones. You can play in classic mode, with the original graphics, music and controls, or remove the nostalgia-tinted glasses and opt for the enhanced mode instead. The basic premise - fight your way through the alien hordes and make it to the lift at the end of the level to move on to the next one. For the serious Android gamers among you, there’s Gametel support as well.

Zombie Minesweeper

£0.63p Google Play

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have wasted a fair few hours as a kid playing Minesweeper on your Windows PC. Now 16 months after launching on iOS, this twist on the old classic has arrived on Android. You play as a young girl trying to escape her zombie-ridden neighbourhood to meet her boyfriend, dodging the undead and explosive suburban mines as she does. There are 30 levels, with a Minesweeper grid built into each environment. Flag the mines, entice zombies onto them or blast them with your assortment of weapons – it’s certainly come a long way from the Minesweeper we played on Windows 3.1.

Cordy 2

£Free Google Play

Cordy 2 is the actually the third game in the Cordy series, with a rather cutesy robot as its protagonist. You’ll be guiding him around three worlds and 48 levels in this outing, with a handful of new characters that will help you on your journey. Your mission? To save the Zap Drops from Boogaloo’s evil minions. You can try the first four levels for free, then pick up the full game as an in-app purchase if you like what you see.

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