Best Android apps this week

Go adventuring with wizards and monsters, and relive your console gaming past, with our pick of the week's Android apps

Sky Go Extra

£Free Google Play

Sky Go Extra is more of an update to an existing app than a new one altogether, but it’s an update worth mentioning. Appearing as a new service within the existing Sky Go app, Sky Go Extra lets Sky customers download films and TV shows from their subscription package for later offline viewing. Sky Go Extra customers will also be able to register Sky Go on up to four devices rather than two, and all for £5 a month.


£Free Google Play

Gamers have long been enjoying classic console titles on Android devices using the numerous – and often pricey – emulators available on the Google Play store. RetroArch is different, bringing together a whole host of emulators under one app roof, and for free. It supports a range of platforms from the original Sony PlayStation, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, to Master System, GameBoy and NES and will work with USB and Bluetooth gamepads for the real console experience.


£0.50 Google Play

Inspired by Yamaha’s Tenori-On, BlueBox is a step sequencer that allows you to create your own electronic masterpiece. Choose your sound and tap the coloured dots on the grid to create one loop after another, combining them all with live improvisation to make your melody. You can even add effects such as reverb, tremelo and delay onto each sound. Watch a pro in action to see what you can aspire to.

House of Hell

£3.99 Google Play

Based on the Fighting Fantasy adventure role-playing gamebook from yesteryear, House of Hell dumps you slap bang in the middle of a horror adventure – choose the right path, avoid traps and survive battles with the help of a dice roll (and no, you can't take a sneaky peek to see the outcome). A thoroughly modern way to enjoy a bit of old school nostalgia. Turn to 39 to wallow in geek nostalgia. If you choose to leave childish things behind, your adventure ends here.

Dungeon Quest

£Free Google Play

This free-to-play action RPG sees you test your mettle across 100 levels and 5 difficulty levels in an attempt to become the most powerful wizard of the land. The levels are split up into four acts with a big boss to defeat at the end, using you’re the loot you find and magical skills. The game is currently still in beta, so it might be a little rough around the edges – but with new content being added all the time, you can get in there early and help the developers with feedback as you go.

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