Best Android apps this week

Play with clay, snap superior shots and give your searches a kick with our selection of the week's best Android apps


£3.99 Google Play

Following in the footsteps of great point and clicks on mobile like Machinarium and Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Yesterday is a moody thriller that sees you investigating the murder of beggars in New York. You can choose to play as one of three characters, including John Yesterday who gets dragged into the plot after his memory is wiped.

Clay Jam

£Free Google Play

This extraordinary-looking game was made using claymation – the same stop motion animation style used for Wallace & Gromit. You control a pebble rolling down the screen, dodging the bigger clay monsters as you go and squashing the smaller ones. The goal is to collect enough clay to grow big enough to face the Bully Beasts at the bottom of the hill.


£Free Google Play

One of the most fully featured photo apps on iOS is now available on Android. Snapseed gives you serious control over your photos, with a truckload of creative enhancements to transform your snaps into professional looking photographs. All the filters can be tweaked to suit – or if you're feeling lazy, a simple auto correct feature will analyse your photo and adjust its colour and exposure to perfection.


£Free Google Play

While the official Facebook app syncs some information with your phone, this app will keep you on top of all of your friends’ social networking movements so you’re always in the know. That may sound a bit weird, but this app can be genuinely helpful – sending you a notification when it’s someone’s birthday and showing their photo and latest status update when they call so you know what they’ve been up to.


£Free Google Play

Kickvox aims to deliver a "visual search experience," so you spend less time clicking links and more time finding your answers. When you type in a search term or question, you’ll be presented with website shortcuts to jump to that site first. Some, including Wikipedia, Yahoo and Rotten Tomatoes, provide information cards that give you at-a-glance answers to what you were looking for.

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