Best Android apps this week

Santa's hanging out in the Google Play grotto this year. Here's what to ask for while you're sitting on his knee

Jet Set Radio

Google Play, £2.99

Jet Set Radio was one of the stand-out games on the ill-fated Dreamcast, and now, after stopping off at XBLA and PSN, it’s made its way to mobile. Skate your way around Tokyo to the original soundtrack, marking your turf with graffiti as you go. Choose from a catalogue of tags to mark up the city with, or use your device’s camera to make your own. Get it now

Advent 2012: 25 Christmas Apps

Google Play, free

Christmas is just around the corner so now’s the time to throw cynicism to the wind and get fully involved in a bit of festive cheer. This app should help, as througout December you’ll be able to download a new app completely free (until Christmas Day). And we’re not talking any old rubbish– premium app recommendation company Magicsolver will be picking the best 4 and 5 star apps to hide behind each virtual door. Get it now


Google Play, £3.14

Creative types can share the contents of their brains in Creatorverse, bringing their ideas to life on screen in what the CEO calls a “simple, shared 2D creative space.” It’s what we call a drawing. Bring your shapes to life as you introduce all manner of joints, forces and motors to make them bounce, roll and tilt. Once you’ve finished, share your idea in the Creatorverse world. Get it now


Google Play, £1.25

Food and social media have always made a good fit. Foodster offers more fodder for your Instagram snaps and Tumblr posts, with 10,000-plus recipes pulled from the best food blogs on the internet. It’ll compile a shopping list for recipes you like, or if you don’t fancy shopping, will even come up with a meal to cook from the contents in your cupboard. Get it now


Google Play, 69p

It’s fast-paced gameplay a-go-go in Hyperwave, as you take control of a spaceship battling against alien invaders in a neon-filled universe. Like a combination of Space Invaders meets Infinity Field, this sci-fi shooter is the sequel to the popular Hyperlight, and sees you taking on 50 waves of cosmic enemies as you defend the last defensive shield of humanity. No pressure, then… Get it now

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