Best Android apps this week

Treat your shiny new Nexus 4 (or existing Android phone) to this week's hand-picked selection of app goodies

Pixel Twist

£Free Google Play

Pixel Twist is a puzzle game that tasks you with rotating a cloud of pixels until they line up and match a reference image. It might sound simple, but with two game modes and over 100 puzzles to crack against the clock, it's trickier than you might expect – not to mention seriously addictive.

Angry Commuters

£Free Google Play

Commuters love nothing more than complaining about transport cock-ups, and this is one app that positively encourages it. Developed by Imperial College London as part of a research programme, the app enables Londoners to report their journeys, giving details of how it went – good or bad. This research aims to improve the London transport experience – you'll even receive your own personalized report at the end of it all.

Glorious Flavour Map

£Free Google Play

Getting good grub is always top of the list when you're visiting somewhere new, and the Glorious Flavour Map helps you sort the delicious from the dreadful. With the aim of becoming the "TripAdvisor for food," it offers user reviews, recipes and dish recommendations from eateries in your area, as well as giving you the opportunity to add your own as well.

Nun Attack

62p Google Play

We're not sure why, but there's something a little bit badass about nuns packing guns, and that's exactly what Nun Attack gives you. In a four-woman crusade against the evil forces that have taken over the world, the nuns are armed with a choice of over 80 different guns to take on more than 150 battles.

Army of Darkness: Defense

£Free Google Play

Based on the classic Evil Dead movie, you play as time-travelling, Deadite-bashing Ash, battling the undead in the time of Lord Arthur with your trusty boomstick. When it all gets a bit much, you can call on allies to give you a hand along the way, while you search for the unholy book that'll take you back to your own time. Fans of the movie will also enjoy quotes from the original film, dotted throughout the game.

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