Best Android apps this week

Use the Force, exercise your Curiosity and go on a Field Trip with the best of this week's Android apps

Field Trip

£Free Google Play

Whether you’re exploring a new place or just wandering around your local area, there are always plenty of hidden gems to uncover. Field Trip is there to let you know where they are, from the best places to grab a bite and a beer to where’s best to shop off the beaten track. Field Trip runs in the background on your phone and alerts you automatically when there’s something interesting in your vicinity, ensuring you never miss a trick.

Angry Birds Star Wars

£Free Google Play

You have to hand it to Rovio. It's not been two weeks since the news broke that three new Star Wars movies are in the pipeline and already we have Angry Birds Star Wars, the latest outing for favourite band of frustrated fowl. It's much more than just a movie tie-in though – Angry Birds Star Wars is a successful mixture of all the best bits of Angry Birds so far, with new Star Wars-inspired weapons to shake up the gameplay and excellent Star Wars costumes thrown in for good measure. An HD version is also available for £2.99.

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Contract Killer 2

£Free Google Play

Contract Killer 2 puts you in the shoes of Jack Griffin, a contract killer nearing the end of his career. It builds on the foundations of the first game, now giving you the ability to "sneak up" on your target before taking them out, and adding more story-based missions. The game mixes first-person shooting with third-person melee attacks, and offers up nine different chapters of gameplay based all over the world.

Knights of Pen & Paper

£1.25 Google Play

Knights of Pen & Paper is a retro-styled RPG, with turn-based battles and a whole host of customisable characters for you to make up your band of merry men with. You choose your battles, but of course the harder the battle, the bigger the reward. There are 100 quests to work your way through, all rendered in glorious pixel-art graphics that are redolent of 90s RPGs.


£Free Google Play

From the excitable brain of Fable creator Peter Molyneux comes Curiosity. Part massively multiplayer game, part social experiment, it sets players all over the world the task of chipping away at a cube in an attempt to get to the middle. What’s in there, nobody knows, but Molyneux assures players that there’s a "life-changing secret" at its core for the person who finally cracks it. The more of the cube you destroy, the more coins you earn to buy more destructive tools. As addictive as it is frustrating, we can’t help but be intrigued about what Molyneux has up his sleeve this time. Hopefully it's a cure for RSI.

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