Best Android apps this week

Fancy a few new apps for your Android smartphone? Silly question. Here's five of the best this week

Pudsey's Dream Wheels

£Free, Google Play

Children in Need and Peugeot have co-created the Pudsey's Dream Wheels app for Android. The idea is you make a Peugeot of your own design, be that with tank tracks or with Pudsey's trademark polka dot eye patch. You then either donate some money to the charity or buy merchandise to see your masterpiece entered into a completion. And that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach? That's included too.

Google Calendar

Free, Google Play

Google decided to release a standalone calendar app for Android, and this is it. It allows you to check out all your scheduled appointments from whatever calendars you add - not just Google, allowing you to be Captain Organised. No more excuses for missing your shift at work.

Halloween Live Wallpaper

64p, Google Play

Nobody really grows out of Halloween, which is why the spooky event deserves a spooky wallpaper for your Android phone. So it costs a few pence - we think it's worth 64p for a rather splendidly animated background.

Go Keyboard Halloween Theme

Free, Google Play

Technically, the Go Keyboard Halloween Theme app is just a different skin for its Go Keyboard app, but that doesn't make it any less cool. With ghouls, pumpkins and bats aplenty, this is a great way to get in the mood for handing out sweets every five minutes to some ungrateful youth wearing a hoodie and the mask from Scream.


Free, Google Play

Fancy isn't quite sure what it is. But this odd mix of magazine, blog and bookmarks is strangely good, especially if you like the 'fancier' things in life. Said things can be gathered together to create a Museum of Me, too.

ABC News

Free, Google Play

Perhaps you like news to be of a US flavour? If so, the ABC News app might be worth a punt. It contains breaking news, daily top stories and even video news briefs if you prefer pictures to words.

BeerSmith 2 Lite

£2.49, Google Play

Like beer and the processing of making it? As in, real bear, not the bubbly rubbish. Then you'll love BeerSmith and its recipes. Thanks to the cloud, it's easy to view and share recipes from fellow brewers and it also features lots of useful tools including a unit converter.

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