Best Android apps this week

We've hand-picked five fresh apps from the Android tree – open up and let us feed them to you


£6.32 Google Play

Only available for tablets, Chameleon Launcher lets you create multiple home screens, each with its own custom layout of apps and widgets (several of the latter are included, and more can be built using the API). The idea is that you can have, for example, one home screen for work and one for leisure – and they can be set to change automatically depending on the time, your GPS location or the Wi-Fi network you’re currently on. A little pricey, perhaps – but we’re certain it’ll be a huge hit with many slate-prodders.

Chameleon Launcher

£2.99 Google Play

One for the DSLR-toting shutter nutters out there, Triggertrap turns your Android gizmo into a remote trigger for a camera. There are eight trigger modes in all, including time lapse and long exposure HDR, and all are configurable. The down side? You’ll need to shell out an extra US$20 on a hardware dongle; check the Triggertrap site to ensure your camera is compatible.

Free Google Play

Planning a city break? Well, stuff this app into your phone and not only do you get offline maps (dodging those eye-watering data roaming charges), you also get to enlist your friends and family into suggesting things to do and places to visit. Going in a group? The app will sync your destinations so you’re all on the same page.


£1.99 Google Play

Way before the Prince went all 3D on us, he was the star of an old school side scroller that inspired Tomb Raider and Uncharted: climb, jump, avoid traps, duel enemies and rescue princesses – that kind of thing. The original game has been given a 21st century graphical jazz-up, and is now playable on your phone. Social City Guides

Free Google Play

Dance music aficionados will know all about producer Dan Deacon’s sweat-drenched live shows, and should they plan on attending one, this official app is a must-have: it will synchronise with other phones using the app in a room and become part of the light show using the LED flash and screen. And for those times in your life that you’re not at a Dan Deacon concert, there’s a synth/sequencer to play with, plus tour dates, tunes and the like.

Remember that there’s a Google Play sale going on for the next few days: more details here.

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