Best Android apps this week

It's not all about the iPhone 5 – we've got the best apps for your Android, from pizzas to puzzles


From £Free Google Play

Huebrix is one of those really simple yet ridiculously addictive mobile puzzle games that will sap hours from your life before you know it. In short, you're presented with a grid that you have to fill by dragging paths from various coloured blocks. Each block provides a path of a specified length, so you have to work out the right way to use it to fill the space, taking into account obstacles as you go.

Okay, so it's pretty hard to describe – but it's easy to pick up once you try it. There's a free version to try out first and, if you like it, you can upgrade to the full paid-for version that offers more than 400 levels and the ability to create your own.


£Free Google Play

If Gojee's tagline – "Prepare yourself for a happy mouth explosion" – doesn't draw you in, we don't know what will. One for the foodies among you, Gojee aggregates food and drink recipes from 200 of the world's best food bloggers and presents them for you in one visually striking app.

You can filter by food or drink and then further by telling the app what you "crave" – whether that be a meal type or ingredient. You can then highlight recipes as favourites, which will store them for easy finding later, and let the app know what you like and don't like for more personalised recommendations.

Coach's Eye

£2.99 Google Play

Got the sports bug after London 2012, or just trying to improve at a sport you already do? Coach's Eye is an app that aims to help you perfect your form in your chosen sport or activity by allowing you to review your performance as if you were a spectator.

First film yourself, or have someone do it for you, then afterwards you can watch every detail back in slow motion. There's even the ability to annotate straight onto the video and record a voiceover to make notes on how to improve.

Once you've got a form to be proud of, you can share your video through the usual social media channels, or even watch it on your TV via Bluetooth or HDMI if you have the right kit.

Pizza Express

£Free Google Play

Pizza Express' handy app has just arrived on Android from iOS, meaning even more pizza lovers can get a slice of the action. From booking a table at your nearest restaurant to viewing the menu and downloading the latest offer codes, it's all doable via the app. You can even use it to pay your bill via PayPal and order a takeaway with their Click and Collect service. Now, who's hungry?


£Free Google Play

Quora is a relatively under-used Q&A site founded by two ex-Facebook employees that is now making its way to mobile platforms. The premise is simple – ask a question and have it answered by other Quora users. Your question is then saved so other people wondering the same thing will find the answer without needing to ask it again.

The app offers similar functionality to the website, allowing you to ask, search for and answer questions, but also adds voice-enabled searching, the ability to add a widget of the top answers right now on Quora to your homescreen and the choice to add Quora to your phone's search for integrated results.

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