Best Android apps this week

Is your Android device feeling a little restless? Perk it up and treat it to some of this week's best Android apps

63p Google Play

This psychedelic Pong-inspired music game might appear a little basic on the surface, but it's a synth-infused visual and aural delight. Whack in some headphones, bat away the onslaught of advancing beats, and get lost in a world retro visuals and funky beats.

Bit.Trip Beat

83p Google Play

No, this isn't a fancy way to virtually deliver one of your five a day. Granny Smith is an OAP with a fondness for apples and a passionate hatred for the thief who keeps stealing them. Jump, glide and smash your way through farmland and cities in a manner that belies Mrs. Smith's ageing bones, in order to teach that light-fingered scallywag a lesson.

£1.99 Google Play

Hark back to the point'n'click glory days of old by guiding the charmingly named McPixel through bite-size 20-second challenges in this hilarious 8-bit romp in which you prevent things from blowing up. Its retro-tastic visuals and fast snappy humour should light up even the dullest of commutes.

Granny Smith

69p Google Play

This gorgeous award-winning game sees you guiding lost spirits by navigating them through ethereal landscapes by rebuilding the ground, digging tunnels or manipulating the wind. Get creative and send those little spirits onto the next world. Think lemmings but with more ghosts and less fluffy suicidal mammals.

£Free Google Play

Whether you're addicted to the Paralympics or questionable reality TV, TVCatchup has your back with over 50 free high quality channels along with a guide to what's on next. With TV-out support and optimised streaming for on-the-go 3G watching, it's the ultimate app for square-eyed telly addicts.

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