Best Android apps this week

Battle zombies, train yourself in pub quiz trivia and get your head in the cloud with the best of the week's Android apps

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Organ Trail is a zombie survival game with gorgeously blocky graphics straight from the 80s. It takes its 16 colour artwork, retro soundtrack and survival-trek storyline from its namesake, old-school game Oregon Trail – but with added zombies. And why not? The game's development was funded by Kickstarter fans, and just a short play of this addictive game proves that their investment was not in vain.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

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Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive makes its way to Android this week, allowing you to access files stored in your account – plus any content shared with you by others, on the go. You’re also able to create or delete folders as you wish, as well as upload photos and videos to your account straight from your phone.

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You don’t have to be a trivia buff to have a bit of fun with Split Decision, and who knows? You might just bag some useless knowledge for your next pub quiz. The game is a simple one – it asks you a question and offers you two answers to choose from. Is Lasting Pride a brand of cat litter or a military operation? Is Sobek an Egyptian god or a brand of anti-depressant? Whatever you decide to go for – be quick! Your answers are timed against the clock.


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It might not be the most exciting app you download all year, but DriveOFF is a useful one nonetheless – helping you keep your mind on the road when driving, instead of on the latest notification that’s just beeped on your phone. Once you launch the app, it will judge when you reach 10mph and automatically turn off all notifications and block any incoming calls, allowing you to concentrate on the journey at hand with no cellular temptations at arm’s reach.

£Free Google Play

The next time you’re stuck on a platform waiting for yet another delayed train to show, Mapsaurus could help you choose a new app to pass the time. Instead of browsing through boring lists, Mapsaurus allows you to either browse similar apps to the ones you own, or choose a category – all shown in a visual flowchart style.  It even filters out the rubbish ones based on reviews, so you know any apps you opt for will be good value.

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