Best Android apps this week

Punch things, watch the footy and pin your photos – all from your Android device, with this week's selection of the best apps

£Free (+ £4.99/month) Google Play

Right on cue for the start of the football season, Sky Sports TV has launched on Android, offering sports fans eight streaming channels for £4.99 a month – no lengthy subscription required.

This includes access to Sky Sports 1-4, ESPN and even the dedicated F1 channel, and would ultimately mean you’d be able to stream a whopping 115 Premier League matches to your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi or 3G. Bad news for Nexus 7 owners, though – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean isn’t yet supported so you’ll need to hold fire for an update.

Sky Sports TV

£Free Google Play

Punch Hero sees you coaching your very own mini boxing protégé, taking them through training to build up their skills and power moves before facing opponents in the ring. Punches are thrown through a series of taps and swipes, and coins are won by beating challengers (or through in-app purchases). Spend these coins wisely, fine-tuning your stats, or go mad and splash out on a robot costume instead. Well, we know what we’d choose…

£Free Google Play

Echoer is a location-based app that allows you to share thoughts, discoveries and events in your local area, and it’s now on Android. A map of your location shows up the ‘echoes’ of others in the vicinity, so you can find out if your favourite café is handing out freebies or what’s going on at your local. If you like what you see, you can choose to ‘amplify’ it – the more amps an echo gets, the more prominent it will appear on the map.

Punch Hero

£Free Google Play

Online pinboarding sensation Pinterest has finally launched on Android. The lovely looking interface opens with the main dashboard of the pinners you follow, and allows you to browse categories, follow or unfollow boards and repin images you like the look of. Pins can also be made using your phone’s camera, or added when you’re browsing the web, either to existing boards or creating a new one.

£Free Google Play

So you think you’re a good driver, eh? Well you can now put it to the test with this new app from and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. The app uses GPS to monitor your driving, considering factors such as your speed and levels of acceleration and braking to give you a rating out of 5 stars for every journey. After 250 miles, you’ll get an overall rating out of 100 and – arguably the best part of all – you’ll be rewarded with £25 for all that careful driving you’ve been doing.

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