Best Android apps this week

Tear up the road and go to war using your Android phone with this week's selection of the best action-packed apps

£Free Play Store

Speed Racing 3D lets you cater to your inner speed demon with a selection of fast paced cars controlled by the frantic tilts of your wrists. Did we mention the missiles? There are missiles. Strapped to the cars. You're welcome.

Crazy Racing 3D

64p Play Store

Who needs fancy HD graphics when Hatchi can recreate the black monochrome pixellated charm of the 90s Tamagotchi playground sensation? Feed, clean and play with your beloved companion until your forgetfulness inevitably results in a heap of tombstones at the virtual pet cemetery.

£Free Play Store

Slices is a Twitter app with a twist – it lets you browse a Twitter directory by category, allowing you to easily follow live events and chop your timeline down into manageable streams. Its Explore directory, which lets you search the entire Twittersphere, is also rather handy for serious members of the Twitterati.


£2.99 Play Store

Kairobotica slips you into the metal boots of the commander of a horde of robotic galactic guardians, whose sole purpose is to keep the peace throughout the galaxy. No pressure then. With upgrades and unexplored planets galore, it's the ideal way to celebrate the Curiosity Rover's landing on Mars.

£1.99 Play Store

Great Big War Game stays true to its name by serving up a massive action-packed military campaign in which you control your land, air and sea forces in over 40 hours of gameplay action. Its Multiplayer mode throws in a whole new dimension for extra longevity – and offers plenty of bragging opportunities.

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