Best Android apps this week

We've been sending unworthy Android apps home crying – here are the survivors

Romplr: Remix £Free

Get out from behind the decks, you just look silly. For the amateur Android-toting DJ, Romplr lets you rip up pop and hip-hop tracks and put them back together again – basslines snapped in half, loops juggled and sequences rearranged. There are 25 free tracks but you'll have to cough up for more choice.

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Pano £1.24

Another App Store conqueror, the panoramic photo app Pano is on sale for Android earlybirds. Take 360 degree shots made up of as many as 16 photos seamlessly stitched and colour-blended together. If you get distracted by a passing palm tree, you can pause and resume your pano later.

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Bloo Kid £Free

A retro-looking Android game for platformer nostalgics, Bloo Kid is trying to rescue his girlfriend but there are 60 levels and an Evil Wizard in his way. Try not to get too gooey-eyed over the pixel-art and chiptune soundtrack.

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Localmind £Free

No, it's not the name of a superhero's nemesis who doesn't like to travel. Localmind is an app that adds questions and answers to the usual checking-in and local tips functions. So you can see who has checked in to a nearby bar and ask how crowded it is or if happy hour is over. How trustworthy do the locals look?

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My Country £Free

Fans of SimCity will appreciate the level of city mogul-madness My Country lets you reach. Build offices and power stations, plan bus routes and parks and hire employees. Great if you reckon you could do better than your boss/ town planner.

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