Best Android apps this week

Worn yourself out watching the Olympics from the comfort of your couch? Give yourself a well-deserved break with this week's best Android apps

69p Google Play

Don't be put off by the dodgy spelling – ExQuizit is the ultimate on-the-go app for trivia fiends who strive to constantly push their neurons and knowledge to their limits. With 12,000 questions, five game modes and three difficulty levels, there's something for everyone. One month of brain straining and you'll be destroying your pub quiz opponents in no time.

ExQuizit: World's Biggest Quiz

£Free Google Play

Social addicts rejoice – Banjo is an app that will help you keep on top of all the heavy-hitting social networks, from Facebook and Twitter to Foursquare and Instagram. Providing a real-time view of what's happening anywhere in the world, you'll be able to see what nearby social butterflies are up to, including (but not limited to) what they're eating, and how hard they stubbed their toes. You know, the important stuff.

63p Google Play

Terrible photographer? Haven't got the foggiest about white balance, ISO and scary-sounding aperture settings? Have no fear, for Perfectly Clear has your photographically-inept back. Offering the ability to rectify underexposed, washed out photos, this app gives your dull pics a handy spit and polish to make up for those otherwise forgettable snaps.


£Free Google Play

According to the developers of G Cloud Backup, one device is lost in New York every 3 seconds. While we can't speak for our Big Apple brothers, the thought of losing our beloved Android devices fills us with horror.

Should the worst happen, you can lessen the damage with G Cloud Backup's 1GB of free SMS, contacts, call logs, documents and media storage backups, along with automatic Wi-Fi backups and a one click restore function. How's that for piece of mind?

£Free Google Play

"A video wallpaper?" we hear you cry out. "What is this sorcery?" It's quite simple really. Take 15 inspiring natural scenes and play them on a loop as your wallpaper to add a splash of natural goodness to your trusty Android device. Disabled when your phone or tablet is idling, it won't even drain your battery. Embrace and enjoy. Just don't get any actual water onto it. Unless you're rocking a Panasonic Eluga of course.

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