Best Android apps this week

Jelly Beans, the Dark Knight and super fast cars? This weeks Android apps should stop boredom directly in its helpless tracks

The Sushi Spinnery

£2.99 Google Play

Treat yourself to some adorable virtual sushi shenanigans with this colourful little game which sees you head an 8-bit sushi restaurant. From designing your own fishy masterpieces to entering competitions to reach the coveted number one sushi ranking, your black belt in sushi is a mere hour or two away.

Asphalt 7: Heat

69p Google Play

Asphalt 7: Heat serves up the ideal portable thrill ride with 60 different cars from the floor rooms of Ferrari, Aston Martin and even DeLorean and 15 tracks spread across the globe from London to Rio. Take on five rivals locally or online and prepare to leave them in your tracks (or choke on a mouthful of their dust).

The Dark Knight Rises

£4.99 Google Play

It's time to practice your grizzly voice as you step into the boots of the caped crusader in the official game of Christopher Nolan's summer blockbuster. With plenty of bat gadgets packed away in your arsenal and a plethora of baddies to rough up, this goon-bashing, street tearing superhero offering should lighten up even the dullest of commutes.

King Fighter III

£Free Google Play

Don't be put off by King Fighter III's lost-in-translation Google Play Store description – it's a kick-infused, fist-filled fighter with nostalgic graphics and plenty of levelling up opportunities and bosses to keep those punches (or fingers) flying.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar

£Free Google Play

With a tongue-twisting name like this you might be surprised to find out that this officially endorsed Jelly Beans app is nothing more than a live wallpaper. But what a live wallpaper it is, providing a bountiful serving of delicious virtual Jelly Beans to brighten up your plain Android homescreen. Move them, shake them or flick them away – your cat will be entertained for hours.

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