Best Android apps this week

Google Play is under threat from molten lava puddles, a Tom Hanks apocalypse and bacon strips – you owe it to Android to join in

Puddle THD £2.99

Tilt your Tegra 3 device's screen (sorry everyone else) to guide your puddle around the game. Sound simple? It is until you factor in the temperature and friction of different fluids – from water to molten lava – and tons of obstacles. The chaps who developed Puddle THD throw in a new level for free every week. Get this for your Nexus 7.

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AutoRap £Free

It doesn't work perfectly every time – but for a free download, Smule hasn't done badly at all. Record yourself talking into your Android phone and select your beat, then AutoRap will make you a rapstar in minutes. Warning: you have to pay for Snoop Dogg and other 'premium' artists.

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Epic Meal Time £1.24

Gay bacon strips, turbacon (a pig stuffed with seven different meats) – it's all here in the Epic Meal Time game. The Sauce Boss wants only the most disgustingly unhealthy foods known to man – and your job is to keep the veg away from him. Trickier than the pic suggests.

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SoFit £Free

Running might get you fit but if that's not enough of an incentive to get you outside everyday try the SoFit app which will give money to charity – or throw downloads and free stuff your way – in return for miles and miles of exercise. You can also compete against your mates (or athletes) and do it for the glory instead.

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Tom Hanks' Electric City £Free

Who wouldn't want Tom Hanks' comforting tones in their ears of a morning? His 20 part post-apocalyptic animation series is available to download in HD in this Android app, plus there are two prequel graphic novels and behind the scenes bits and bobs. The series is an in-app purchase and you can play the free Electric City game too.

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