Best Android apps this week

Is your loyal Android device feeling a little bored this week? Perk it up a bit with this smattering of apps. Go on, it deserves it.

£2.99 Google Play

Relive this classic Android adventure which follows the unwinding of a murder-fuelled conspiracy in Paris. This enhanced director's cut features brand new puzzles and extra features, including a digital version of Watchman co-creator Dave Gibbons' collector's comic.

Broken Sword: Director's Cut

64p Google Play

Amazing Alex is a kid that lives up to his name. From cleaning up his room (not so amazing) to battling cardboard robots (that's more like it), he makes use of explosive Heath Robinson contraptions to get the job done. The game also features 100 levels as well as a level creator for extra longevity.

Amazing Alex

£Free Google Play

The official Ministry of Sound app has been revamped with a shiny new look and a new Music Discovery Tool feature to boot. Select a DJ, sift through their record collection and treat your ears to a selection of tracks before purchasing whichever tune takes your fancy. It's like a record shop in your pocket – minus the snobbery.

£Free Google Play

Bored of Angry Birds yet? Swing Shot replaces evil pigs with brainwashed jungle critters which you have to defeat with various projectiles ranging from beehives and pineapples to cold hard rocks. An arcade mode and upgrade system, coupled with a network battle mode should ensure plenty of item-flinging fun on your daily commute.

Ultimate Ministry of Sound

63p Google Play

This is app is as simple as its name suggests. Although nothing more than a simple timer, its sleek minimalistic design and no-nonsense functionality are just what you need when boiling an egg, resting between deadlift sets or seeing how long you can hold your breath. All critical measurements in the name of science, we think you'll agree.

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