Best Android apps this week

Free games, Flipboard, fitness and Final Fantasy… this week’s Android apps are brought to you by the letter F

Critical Strike Portable £Free

As a gaming platform, Android is iOS’s slightly annoying little brother. Critical Strike Portable shares similarities with Valve's Counter Strike (even the name isn't far off) but that's no bad thing. Co-op multiplayer? Check. Zombies? Check. Oh, and it’s free. What else could you possibly need?

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Flipboard £Free

Android owners, rejoice! The popular news reader apps has finally made its way to your hands(et). Flipboard – a “social news magazine" as the developer describes it – lets you customise its feed to match your interests. As with iOS, it’s free, but that extra screen real estate on your Android phone helps it look extra special.

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Nike+ Running £Free

It's taken its time to cross from iOS to Android, but for many the wait will have been worth it. Nike+ Running keeps an accurate and comprehensive record of your runs, providing stats and audio feedback to keep you motivated. Now you've got one less excuse to get in shape.

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Google Analytics £Free

If you've got a website, chances are you're familiar with Google Analytics and the peculiar addiction to stats that comes with it. Now you can access, track and analyse traffic on the go, view real time reports and get alerts sent directly to you. Good luck cutting down your GA usage.

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Final Fantasy III £10.99

The third edition of the classic role-playing saga is now available for Android users, though it comes with a fairly hefty price tag. Still, don't let that put you off: this is one of the best titles in the franchise, and the graphics and touch controls are superb on Android devices.

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