Best Android apps this week

Some long-awaited arrivals from iOS and fresh new betas are waiting for you on Google Play. Don't leave them hanging.

Songkick Concerts £Free

An app that could easily change your life, Songkick got a big start on iPhone. Now Android fans can sit back and relax as this free app scans your music library (and or Facebook/ Google Music if you like) to bring you gigs near you. If you're running Ice Cream Sandwich, you also get a home screen widget for upcoming concerts at a glance.

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Max Payne Mobile £2.30

Finally, hard-done-by cop Max Payne makes it onto Android – and with customisable touchscreen controls, slow mo Bullet Time and adjustable HD graphics all present and correct this should be top of your download list this week. Plus, if you don't like gaming on a touchscreen, you can plug in a controller – take that, Apple. Check Max's Google Play page for a full list of compatible devices – it includes the Samsung Galaxy S II (but not the S3, yet), the Galaxy Note, HTC One X and One S and Sony Xperia S.

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on{X} £Free

If you can forgive the Facebook-only log-in (for now), this is a useful little app from Microsoft. You can automate your life with location-based reminders for chores at home or essential tasks at work, plus regular web fixes using a Javascript API. If you liked the sound of Moto's Smart Actions, you'll love this.

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Rebuild 62p

This turn based post-zombie apocalypse game is pretty decent value – for 62p you get seven different endings as you fend off gangs and rioters and try to get together enough food and tech to survive. Just goes to show, we're not going to get tired of zombies anytime soon.

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Kytephone: Kid's Phone £Free

If your wayward nephew racked up hundreds of pounds worth of downloads last time you lost sight of your handset, Kytephone could be your knight in shining cartoon armour. It limits your phone to calls and adult-approved apps and games – with a password needed to return your phone to full functionality.

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