Best Android apps this week

Genuinely useful apps and wonderfully pointless games from Google Play to keep your Android phone smiling

Kicksend £Free

Send loads of full size photos to your mates in one go with this free sharing app. If you don't want your snaps and videos squeezed to fit into emails or other free services with file size limits, Kicksend is a quick and easy alternative plus you can choose to keep files completely private.

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Cartoon Wars 2 £Free

If the screenshot of cartoon robots and animals doesn't convince you that this is the next strategy and defence game you should download, the fact that it's free and the sequel to two crazily popular Android games might. Stick men were made to wield machine guns.

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Spoing 79p

Bounce from trampoline to trampoline collecting rainbow diamonds and dodging enemies across 50 caverns in this Cut the Rope meets Angry Birds meets 'latest casual platform hit' game. Bonus points for a title that's fun to say out loud.

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jetAudio Basic £Free

This music player is something of a beast: it plays any kind of digital music file you can throw at it (including .wav, .mp3, .flac and m4a), includes tons of effects and customisations including 32 equaliser presets, crossfading and automatic gain control and tops those features off with a slick monochrome UI.

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Evernote Hello £Free

Our business card stack is gathering dust on our desks while we frantically bring up our email contacts everytime we try to remember who's who. Evernote Hello wants to do away with this prehistoric notion by becoming your Rolodex in the cloud, plus it'll slurp down deets from LinkedIn profiles.

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