Best Android apps this week

The Galaxy S3 is about to drop – but there are plenty of new apps for your current Android. Download these for the win

Mass Effect: Infiltrator £3.56

It's Mass Effect on your phone. The storyline (Cerberus agent gone rogue) is exclusive to mobile. And you get 30% off in the opening weekend on Google Play. Forget the sun outside, this is better.

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This app gives you free VoIP calls to other Sidecar users and as it's also available on iPhone – chances are that'll cover most of your mates. The gimmick? You can share video, photos and location data inside the call. Add web pages and group chat and this could be a killer smart calling app.

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Trainyard 61p

A fiendish puzzle game that does away with time limits and scores – all you have to do is get your trains to the right goal stations. A good one for giving those few remaining brain cells a much needed work out.

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Google+ £Free

OK it's not new and OK it's another video calling function. But this Google+ update is pretty hefty – you can now start Hangouts from your Android phone – that means group video chats with up to nine of your mates.

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Gold Miner £Free

Being an early adopting gadgeteer can be hard work – so relax your brain muscles with this free and cheerful gold nugget-hauling game. It's had millions of downloads on Google Play and should be cute enough to hold your attention for a couple of days.

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