Best Android apps this week

With an Android by your side, you can re-kill the undead, smash giant fruit with RC cars and stop spending money this week

Machinarium £2.49

This incredible-looking steampunk adventure has hand-drawn animations and comic thought bubbles to add to its charm. Machinarium's been on iOS for a while but now Droid users can get in on the rusty robot action.

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Roamz £Free

You might sniff at this as just another location app but Roamz looks like it could be pretty useful. It collates Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare updates to tell you what's going on nearby and give you personalised suggestions. Roamz just wants to get to know you – go on, give it a shot.

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Mini Motor Racing £1.25

Virtual remote control cars, who needs 'em? You do, you really do. In Mini Motor Racing you get crazy Reckless Racing style tracks and gameplay and even bonus Fruit Ninja themed levels and cars. Four players can race together over Wi-Fi too.

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ZombieSmash 99p

This zom-com Android game from Zynga combines ragdoll physics for satisfying zombie deaths with cartoon blood and great weapons including asteroids, liquid nitrogen and a wrecking ball. Silly undead fun at a pretty good price.

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Money Tab 69p

If you're broke, spending 69p on an app that doesn't let you smash zombies to smithereens to vent some anger might not sound wise. But this budget-tracking app has such a clean, simple UI that it might mean you won't find yourself in this situation again. You can view your spending in pounds, of course, and add recurring transactions for the big stuff.

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